Campione – thoughts on the first few episodes

So I’ve checked out Campione, a new anime running in 2012. And several things.

Firstly, The premise is about Gods and so that immediately sounds yay! And there are a bunch of old gods running around being havoc-wreckers.  Cool! And action and fighting and henshins! Fun! But then the sexism strikes like a club to the face, and repeatedly bangs into you as the show goes on. I am pretty borderline that even though there are a lot of things in the story I’m having fun with and want to enjoy, the fact that it’s a male power fantasy – and therefore MUST include women who are SO devoted to you for some inexplicable reason and sexy sexy sexy sex sex is what all women who matter are for, etc. Bleh. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the smexy. I FUCKING ADORED B Gata H Kei, and if this was Yay smexy and fighting gods I’d be like Whoah yeah! But no. This is the uncomfortable and offensive kind of “Oh look. More sexism.” Not even the “oh snap, that’s a little sexist, yeah?” or “Dude, there’s an asshole whose sexist but everyone hates him so it’s not so bad.” Nope. This is the kind of show that I can’t recommend without a disclaimer.

Second, what’s up with the trending MAGIC SPIT? I mean, I enjoyed Nazo no Kanojo X a good bit, though the squick out factor of spit took a long time for me to push to the side, but this show is like, no no! This spit can also give information and other things that traditionally would be transferred via a mind-meld, but no. LIP MELD SPIT TO SPIT KNOWLEDGE! I’m not happy about this zeitgeist.

Final criticism, it’s inexplicable IF you don’t make a lot of genre-based assumptions. Maybe it will start explaining things better, but… I’m not really expecting much from this show. It’s like High School DxD with a slightly more interesting premise and a better budget but not as well put together and written as High School of the Dead. Which lacked any kind of meaning or plot, so I’m in no way praising when I say that.


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