Finally! A Decent Show This Season!

I found one I found one! a fun good show that I’m actually enjoying! It’s Kokoro Connect.

The premise? These five people, all in a meaningless club suddenly find themselves body-swapping for no apparent reason. They don’t believe it till it happens to most everyone, and then they are confronted with the mysterious source of their predicament. IS it malicious? I won’t spoil, but it is SCARY AS HELL by ep. 5, that is fo sho. And creepy creepy! They go about, forced to become rather intimately involved in each other’s lives, and human interactions! feelings! Characterization! Yay! Lighthearted humor mixed with deep questions about what makes a person a person!

The art and animation is one of my least favorite styles (the same as K-ON and Tamayura), and so I’m not sure I can complement or not it. But since it’s not an action show the directing and movement is pretty unnoticeable to me – neither bad nor interesting or spectacular. Just, fine.

So yay! A good show that has promise! Without needing to be qualified or reservations held back on it! Looking forward to see where this goes, and I will be pissed if it peters out meaninglessly.



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