Humanity Has Declined?

So I’m now checking out the first five episodes Jinrui wa Suitaishimashita (Humanity Has Declined). As you can see immediately, it’s a bright, pastel, big-eyed atr and animation style meant to make everything look sparkly and cute, and frankly, the fun discrepancy between a dystopian future rendered like that is a decently interesting hook for this show.

The actual show is a little cracked out ans foolish. I don’t like the portrayal of women very much, but mostly because the on-screen in the first episode are incompetent airheads. The main character is okay, but she’s kinda low key and in charge, and only because she is a nice, sweet person does she seem to be able to get along with the fairies. Also, no props for being a good lady diplomat when it is to sweet-toothed tiny fairy creatures.

Further episodes make it apparent that the show is a probably going to be mostly silliness with some tongue in cheek parody and meta thinking about the entertainment genres, as well as some possible political/sociological commentary not so well hidden in there.

Overall, I can potentially dig it, but it’s a bit too nonsensical and foolish for me to really enjoy it much. It’s running a C average so far in entertainment grades.



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