Review: Death Parade

The premise is that the show takes place in a limbo/purgatory-esque place where people go after they die for judgement, and they play games or other such things to further that end. The architecture of said non-necessarily-real space is very bendable and over-the-top, but it makes for some great visuals. All the staff of this place are interesting visually and character design wise, and I’m very amused at the awesome and interesting hairstyles of the people ultimately deciding the fate of souls! So yeah, overall a fun visual experience and I think it was excellent art and animation. Fun touches of the surreal here and there!

The tone of the show at first was very much like Jigoku Shoujo (Hell Girl), but this show isn’t a series of vignettes, and intersperses the focus between the actual death arbiters and the dead people, which I SUPER appreciated. It kept it from being maudlin and depressing, and I love a good back-and-forth from the serious to the more lively tone.

And how can you not enjoy the pointing in the opening sequence? images

So much pointing. And Air Hockey FOR YOUR LIVES!

Anyway, they present interesting questions about humanity and emotions and such, but nothing shoehorned in there or terribly weird gross preaching. The end (no spoilers) wraps things up that were ongoing, but does leave a little hanging in a room-for-a-sequel-y way, and also implies that certain things just keep going in a machinery of these characters way. But overall I liked and felt there was a good wrap-up to an overall great show that I really enjoyed. I think everyone who thinks it sounds interesting should watch it! In North America it’s streaming on Hulu and available through FUNimation.

Yay adult show with adults living hard lives and interesting speculation about life, death and meaning!


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