Seraph of the End: A anime that struck me as… just a Remix

I have such mixed reactions when I watched the new show Owari no Serafu/Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign. First, what a silly title. Move past that, the art on Hulu and for the show in general contains spoilers (for a couple eps in, but still). Get past that and watch the show, and you’re confronted with a super fast action packed sequence that established the premise and rockets plot off, and YAY for that! I was pretty excited to watch this show but a few minutes into it! And then an interesting and kinda classic gothic vampire world, but with really interesting backgrounds and setting details, but sadly REALLY stock characters. There’s the “we must fight them from within!” kid, the “I rebel against control” kid, and an assortment of adorable young’uns that immediately practically have “FUTURE VICTIMS” written on their foreheads. And as always on TV, fighting from within never works.

This was where I ran into my first, Wait, is this show just going to rehash Code Geass’s main conflict between within/without system main character arguments? Then lots of awful things DID happen, I was like “CALLED IT” but was pleasantly surprised when what was the cliche had some minor shocking and interesting twists and the fight scenes were really well done.

And then some more cliches, then a pointless school things that felt yoinked from Aoi Exorcist but not at all as well done. (It didn’t help there was voice actor similarities). Then exactly the beginning of every story ever happened (seriously, all of them. At least Deadman Wonderland killed-ish him! That had an interesting play on the school-attack-monster trope). Then We’re yanking the conflict from Devilman AND still running around as if being Aoi Excorcist/D.Gray-man versions 2.0…

I wanted to enjoy this show, but it just feels constantly derivative to me. It’ll do something in the details or execution I enjoy, but goes right back to cliches and I’m left disgruntled. Finally, I was like OMG it’s a REMIX! it’s got all of these things yanked right from other things! IT IS SUPER DERIVATIVE! But trying to be just different and interesting enough that people will like it, while still using all the main notes from these other shows.

And frankly, I think that it will be popular and lots of people will super enjoy watching it. Anyone who is super fond of this kind of shounen show is probably going to love it. It’s reminiscent of a lot of big hits that people would love more of, and here it is! More of that thing you enjoyed before! So hey, you like those things, maybe this will be a fun entertainment time for you, yay! Let’s all enjoy it (I’m certainly still watching it as it is released).

But is it good? So far I’m going with no. It’s almost completely unoriginal, and the three setting changes it’s gone through in the first few episodes abandons a lot of the details I think could make it standout and be awesome. It’s sticking so close to tropes it’s insanely predictable, sans minor “Oh he DID get one punch in before going down” ways, and that’s just not the kind of show I think is good. Passable and decent? Oh totally. So am I damning this show with faint praise? Yes. Unless it’s the exact kind of thing you’re into, don’t bother with it. Otherwise, it’s upon Hulu for north America free watching, happy viewings!

P.S. It’s got little in the way of positive or non-status-quo representation. This is not a show with interesting or unique female/gender diversity, racially diverse, ability or neurodiversity. I’m 10 eps in and zilcho, so… yeah. Don’t expect that.

Anime from the Fall 2013 season that I liked/hated

Just the one!

Strike the Blood – Hilariterrible, bordering on just plain terrible. The premise is OH NOES MR VAMPIRE, DON’T BITE MEEEEEEE (said while presenting neck sexily). And it’s a harem anime pretending to be action, doing neither terribly well but also having some interesting magic things here and there. The characters are trite and archetypal, the setting is poorly constructed and fleshed out, and everything exists just so we can be introduced to yet another hot lady who will become sexually available to the protagonist. Its a fun, stupid watch, but it’s really poor quality.

Anime from the Fall 2013 season that weren’t good

Unbreakable Machine Doll (Machine-Doll wa Kizutsukanai) – The main female is literally an object, who is obviously obsessed with and constantly offering all sorts of sexualized things to the main lead, who we are supposed to be all like, WHOAH, SO ETHICAL AND AMAZING because he doesn’t want to treat women like objects, instead he is white-knighting them. BARF BARF BARF. It’s straight-up male power fantasy, white-knight-style, and that sexist, unexamined shit can barf barf barf. There is some uncomfortable violence against women by men and the plots vaguely interesting, if completely unoriginal, so the show really faffs off into bleh land.

Walkure Romanze – It’s a show about girls who joust. The main character is your standard-issue-non-entity-talented-but-not-too-talented-male-all-the-ladies-are-slashy-with. I didn’t like the main female, she’s too shrill and whiny and it’s hard to not be annoyed by her, but she tries hard and means well. The rest of the constant fanservice is just… tiresome. And eventually, the lack of unique or original characters or a plot other than School:We’re-in-it killed off any interest I had. To boring to watch.

I Couldn’t Become A Hero, So I Reluctantly Decided To Get A Job (Yuusha ni Narenakatta Ore wa Shibushibu Shuushoku wo Ketsui Shimashita) – Fanservice with the barest plot premise, which barely shows up until a rush at the end. It was kinda fun to watch characters fight with the tedium of actual living, rather than glamor of fighting the devil, but it all revolved around the genitals and breasts of the female characters, and how interesting those were! (hint: they’re not really). It had the potential to be an interesting parody, but it isn’t. As wank material, it’s a solid B if you’re okay with unremarked on female harassment and humiliation, but as an anime to watch and enjoy, a solid D.

Samurai Flamenco – At first, I thought this was an interesting show about a guy’s boyish dreams of being a superhero and how they clashed with reality, and how he was stubbornly trying to get them to fit in despite police, uninterested in perfection people, and the troubles of modern living. It was original and semi-parody and reminded me of Tiger and Bunny, and the characters were equal-opportunity slashy with a strong female lead. But then shit went downhill and downhill FAST into a flaming pile of Just-like-everything-else, totally cliche and uninteresting, inexplicable developments, and the sexual humiliation and physical dis-empowering of the female lead for no other reason than because women:amiright. From maybe an A down to a D show. Hasn’t ended yet, but only expecting poor things.

Non Non Biyori – A snoozefest. I’m not the biggest fan of slice-of-life genre, especially if there isn’t a supernatural factor, and this was just… SO… BORING. Nothing happens, the characters weren’t original or interesting. Unwatchable.

My Mental Choices are Completely Interfering with my School Romantic Comedy (Ore no Nounai Sentakushi ga, Gakuen Lovecome o Zenryoku de Jama Shiteiru ) – I was mixed on this at first, because I love any plot line that includes god/gods, since I think that kind of overpowering supernatural force is super interesting. But it just didn’t do enough to counterbalance the constant harassment of women as a joke (sure, it’s embarrassing for him but the problem I had was with the way it was presented to the viewer). I just don’t like to watch that much humiliation and degradation of men, much less that much constant rapey-feeling bothering of and objectification of women. Unwatchable.

Diabolik Lovers: Haunted Dark Bridal – This looked at first like it might be a fun to watch silly anime about too many hot boys, but no. It’s an anime about watching a bunch of boys physically, verbally, and sexually assault a girl. Repeatedly, as if they were practicing for their Abuse 101 midterm, for 80% of the screen time. Completely unwatchable.

Arpeggio of Blue Steel (Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova) – Aliens? are keeping humans out of the seas, and isolating and reversing the effects of globalization. A plot and setting that sounded pretty interesting and like it could go somewhere! But Then they introduce the fact that the male lead is obviously uber-super-special (gag-me-a-cliche) and so a boat, personified as a female prostrates herself before him in all kinds of sexually suggestive ways, constantly talking about how super-special-awesomesauce the male lead is. It’s just too sexist in an infuriating way, and also, really unoriginal characters and pounds of sexist bullshit. Unwatchable.

Galilei Donna – The descendants of Galileo (the mom is really into that fact), three daughters leads to inexplicable things in an inexplicable world that is mean to them for no apparent reason. I feel like I was supposed to be intrigued or that it was a mystery for them to solve, but when the flying fish mecha showed up I decided that it was just inexplicable and uninteresting. Three lead ladies was maybe interesting and different, but it wasn’t.

Miss Monochrome: The Animation – Short, mildly amusing comedy about robots. Meh.

Kill La Kill – I was all excited to see this, hoping it would be well done and interesting seeing as it’s an action show where both the protagonist and the big bad are strong women. No, it is trite, completely unoriginal, uninteresting, and filled with rape jokes, threatening to rape ladies because they are in mildly vulnerable positions, and sexually humiliating women as fanservice. This show can fuck off and die.

Natsuyuki Rendezvous

Yay! This is my second favorite anime for this season (also available to watch for free on Crunchyroll for viewers in the US), mostly just because I think it’s the most interesting use of a ghost in a while. I admit, my ghost-story standards are not that great, as I have long standing arguments with my significant other and best friends about the merits/demerits of Ghost Dad (BRILLIANCE AND YAYS!).


A lady! Who is interesting and different looking!

Those things aside, I do enjoy a drama, I enjoy a love story, and I enjoy a paranormal story. That’s what this is!  I won’t go into too many details so as to not spoil a good porch scene in the first episode. But I like the main character, he’s cute and manly and I like that combination. I like the girl-love-interest, because she seems reasonable, isn’t very girly, and is loved anyway (yay, a diversity of women!). And it’s fun, though also sometimes sad. And really, I feel like it’s more original, and therefore interesting, than many other animes that I could be watching instead. I could point out specific plot turns/twists but I won’t spoil them! Check it out, yay!
If I had to say something bad about it, that would be that I really have trouble BELIEVING that there is not going to be a happy ending, that things just won’t end up well, and that takes a bit out of the tension of, OMG, am I dying? Am I going to suicide? etc. that happens. Also, I think it spends a little too much time in Lala land, and I think that the fairy tale could be worked in better, or at least more… I dunno, contribute to the overall ambiance and plot of an episode? (I’m comparing to Princess Tutu and it’s falling short).

Finally! A Decent Show This Season!

I found one I found one! a fun good show that I’m actually enjoying! It’s Kokoro Connect.

The premise? These five people, all in a meaningless club suddenly find themselves body-swapping for no apparent reason. They don’t believe it till it happens to most everyone, and then they are confronted with the mysterious source of their predicament. IS it malicious? I won’t spoil, but it is SCARY AS HELL by ep. 5, that is fo sho. And creepy creepy! They go about, forced to become rather intimately involved in each other’s lives, and human interactions! feelings! Characterization! Yay! Lighthearted humor mixed with deep questions about what makes a person a person!

The art and animation is one of my least favorite styles (the same as K-ON and Tamayura), and so I’m not sure I can complement or not it. But since it’s not an action show the directing and movement is pretty unnoticeable to me – neither bad nor interesting or spectacular. Just, fine.

So yay! A good show that has promise! Without needing to be qualified or reservations held back on it! Looking forward to see where this goes, and I will be pissed if it peters out meaninglessly.


Humanity Has Declined?

So I’m now checking out the first five episodes Jinrui wa Suitaishimashita (Humanity Has Declined). As you can see immediately, it’s a bright, pastel, big-eyed atr and animation style meant to make everything look sparkly and cute, and frankly, the fun discrepancy between a dystopian future rendered like that is a decently interesting hook for this show.

The actual show is a little cracked out ans foolish. I don’t like the portrayal of women very much, but mostly because the on-screen in the first episode are incompetent airheads. The main character is okay, but she’s kinda low key and in charge, and only because she is a nice, sweet person does she seem to be able to get along with the fairies. Also, no props for being a good lady diplomat when it is to sweet-toothed tiny fairy creatures.

Further episodes make it apparent that the show is a probably going to be mostly silliness with some tongue in cheek parody and meta thinking about the entertainment genres, as well as some possible political/sociological commentary not so well hidden in there.

Overall, I can potentially dig it, but it’s a bit too nonsensical and foolish for me to really enjoy it much. It’s running a C average so far in entertainment grades.


Campione – thoughts on the first few episodes

So I’ve checked out Campione, a new anime running in 2012. And several things.

Firstly, The premise is about Gods and so that immediately sounds yay! And there are a bunch of old gods running around being havoc-wreckers.  Cool! And action and fighting and henshins! Fun! But then the sexism strikes like a club to the face, and repeatedly bangs into you as the show goes on. I am pretty borderline that even though there are a lot of things in the story I’m having fun with and want to enjoy, the fact that it’s a male power fantasy – and therefore MUST include women who are SO devoted to you for some inexplicable reason and sexy sexy sexy sex sex is what all women who matter are for, etc. Bleh. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the smexy. I FUCKING ADORED B Gata H Kei, and if this was Yay smexy and fighting gods I’d be like Whoah yeah! But no. This is the uncomfortable and offensive kind of “Oh look. More sexism.” Not even the “oh snap, that’s a little sexist, yeah?” or “Dude, there’s an asshole whose sexist but everyone hates him so it’s not so bad.” Nope. This is the kind of show that I can’t recommend without a disclaimer.

Second, what’s up with the trending MAGIC SPIT? I mean, I enjoyed Nazo no Kanojo X a good bit, though the squick out factor of spit took a long time for me to push to the side, but this show is like, no no! This spit can also give information and other things that traditionally would be transferred via a mind-meld, but no. LIP MELD SPIT TO SPIT KNOWLEDGE! I’m not happy about this zeitgeist.

Final criticism, it’s inexplicable IF you don’t make a lot of genre-based assumptions. Maybe it will start explaining things better, but… I’m not really expecting much from this show. It’s like High School DxD with a slightly more interesting premise and a better budget but not as well put together and written as High School of the Dead. Which lacked any kind of meaning or plot, so I’m in no way praising when I say that.

Beginning Review: Chibi Devi

So the premise of this anime is that a sad, lonely, picked-on 14 year old girl is sad and lonely.  Then she wakes up with a baby in her bed. She is flustered and OMG-ing, but then she puts the baby in a Godzilla-esque ADORABLE costume, goes out and then he lays some vengeful smack down on the pair of bitches that were picking on her.

End ep. 1. I know, right? So it’s a comedy, kinda gag filled and silly.  You know, lighthearted and foolish.  I think it’s pretty funny.  The episodes are really short, 5 minutes each, including the short and hilariously non-verbose opening theme song.  You meet more characters and wacky fire-breathing baby adventures ensue. Personally, I think it’s pretty funny.  The pace is fast fast, which is good for a comedy, and it has to be with such a short episode.

Fair warning – There is a lot of this kind of shot in this show.

The art is SO VERY reminiscent of Daa! Daa! Daa! that I don’t know what to do with myself (other than watch that old ass fun alien baby show again). Overall, the art and animation are not good, but they’re not pull-your-hair-out bad either.  There are definitely moments of *twitching* for me though. Just don’t expect much.  It’s a silly comedy.

Overall, I am enjoying this show as a fun fluffy comedy.  It’s a quick laugh or two and it’s worth the five minutes each episode.  Is it brilliant?  No.  Is it amazing? No.  Will it go down in history? I dunno yet.  But it’s fun and that’s what entertainment is for, yes? Being entertained.

That said, there is something really creeping me out about shy lonely girl’s problems being solved by having a baby.  In real life, having a baby to solve sadness and loneliness is a very bad thing to do, and it is not healthy for babies, but people do it a lot.  Granted, I doubt they’re 14-year-olds, but I have met people who have done this and I have seen a lot of media depictions of this idea and it bothers me.  No good at all, please erase it from the collective culture. Or at least show that it’s actually really bad, and that postpartum depression kills. Being depressed pre-partum is bad too.  But we’ll see how this show plays out, and hope for the best.

Also, If you’re desirous of more baby-antic entertainment, you should watch Beelzebub.  This is also about a demonic baby that shows up and causes antics, but is so very, very shounen (whereas chibi devi is shoujo).  It’s fun to compare and contrast, and Beelzebub is hilarious! I love it.

And check out the classic and wonderful Daa! Daa! Daa! This is a shoujo comedy from forever ago about an alien baby.  So premises similar, so far the antics are kinda similar, and Daa! Daa! Daa! is nostalgic good times for me. Plus, there is a truck load of both shows (30+ Beelzebub and nearly 80 Daa!).

Review: Deadman Wonderland

I first found this show as it was airing in the spring, and it immediately intrigued me.  But also, made me flinch. The show starts off with our protagonist, Ganta, at school tossing around happy memories with his two friends.  Then a drippy person in a red cape floats down and slaughters everyone but Mr. Protagonist.  While Ganta takes a moment to freak the fuck out and the director gives us a squicky dismembered head moment, the red cape man makes some sort of glowing crystal coalesce in his hand and then shoots it into Ganta.

He wakes up in a hospital, is charged with killing his classmates, and within three cuts he is convicted and sentenced to death. They kinda make it look like he has split personalities, but no, that show isn’t interesting like that.  Later on we find out that he was set up (Uh duh duh). Then he goes to the theme-park/prison Deadman Wonderand, and some surprisingly gruesome things happen.  Thus our fucked up dystopian premise is finally established! Even the title makes sense! Later on it adds some sort of blood magic to spice up the interest and eventually turn it mostly into a bloody fighting show, where they also rail against The Man.

A chick who needs to put some clothes on then shows up and appears to be an exploited young lady with some kind of autism or something.  I think we’re supposed to think she’s cute or innocent or something, but to me it just seems like she has a developmental disorder. She’s also a main character. She establishes a pattern of female characters you can’t relate to, though the majority of which are extremely busty and sadistic and force you to question whether or not the writer is too obsessed with his kinks, and needs to control the libido a bit more. Then a Bitch guard shows up, and I am saddened by her for the aforementioned reasons.  The badassery the character whips out over the course of the show is kinda awesome, but the fact that she’s set up as some sort of fap-fantasy dominatrix is pandering and disgusting to me, so that is pretty intrusive on my enjoyment of her.  She even get’s a good proportion of her shots as low-to-the-ground-looking-up-shots. Nothing like typecast, flat female characters to ruin a good time.  Annoying things aside, I did actually enjoy her impressive “grip” on the events in the show and her strong will and determination to figure out things I want to know.  And after episode 7 many of the female characters get more fleshed and believable and interesting, so that’s a plus.

The second episode is where the show gets ludicrous.  Ganta finds out from Trowa- I mean, sis-complex, I mean Yoh-kun, that he needs candy to live and he has to buy it. Ganta goes out to this ninja warrior of death obstacle course and the stands are filled with people.  And frankly, its just unbelievable to me that people would find people scampering around and mistakes ending in gruesome deaths to be that entertaining or interesting.  I make a real break with the show here, which was sad since I was enjoying it for the first episode.  And then the whole black market, betting, magic, watcher’s club thingie?  I’m not buying it or really enjoying it.

Why the hell did I keep watching the show then?  Well it does do a good job at maintaining tension, and Yoh’s double-faced antics are pretty great.  Ganta’s OMG moments aside the fleshed out characters have good reactions and interactions.  I especially want to know what’s going on, and tantalizing hints are dropped enough to keep me coming back.  I also enjoy a good fight, and since Ganta’s not really that amazering, his fights are usually interesting.  And let’s not forget, the directing, art and animation are really alluring.

It’s a handsome show.  The character design, apart from the RIDICULOUS LOOKING and TERRIBLE female character(s) (sigh… target boob!), has unique looking and interesting characters. I love Owl, from the awesome voice to the fluffy hair to the geta and backstory angst.  The all move beautifully throughout the show.  Hell, half of what makes the blood magic so cool is the way that it’s animated, the way it shines and moves and curves. The do some wonderful and tasteful things with colors, and they’re pretty subtle and skillfully added to the overall grey-world dystopia.  There are a lot of unusual angles and hard to draw foreshortening shots, and it really gives the show a good feel to it.  the use camera movement, zooms, rotations, all sorts of difficult to do things and do them really well.  The backgrounds are detailed and well done. The only criticism is that the show is too dark sometimes, but even then I agree with the decision to make it that way, and that the quality goes down over the course of the show, but then again, so few don’t.  The high production values are a strong draw to the show for me.  There is a lot of “cool” in this show, things, moves, shots, characters, actions, voices.  It’s the main appeal other than violence and blood, and the directing helps that immensely.

Also, frankly, I love the opening.  Not only is it so lacking subtlety that they LITERALLY show the bad guy behind it all puppet-mastering them, it’s all about the color red, flashing patterns, and pictures and obviousness as well as shiny, sexy, squirmy bodies. But I like it because I like the song (don’t know why, but I do) and I like that the male fanservice shiny sexy squirming is just as hot as the lady fanservice, and since the mains are mostly men, it proportionately is mostly the thrusting gyrations of men.  Very sexy, equality.  I also like the end theme, though the visuals are dull, dull, dull and I never watched them.

So, overall this show has great production, is interesting to look at and art animation and directing is good.  The show is cool and filled with action, most gorey, as well as intrigue, but there are persistent plot problems, mostly centering on the way over-the-top-ness of the show and around stereotypical characters, that interrupt the interest and really hold the show back from being a great show.  It’s almost got as much bleeping as Blood-C, but it still can’t hold a candle to the greatness of Gantz.  Nothing wraps up at all and it’s very anti-climactic, the OVA just goes into a side-character’s backstory.  Perhaps they’ll be another season but it’s not enough to earn this show more than a “good in it’s category” for being a fun ride, but for having story problems, even though the production was so nice.

Review: Blood-C

The Blood franchise started off with a terrible movie, which spawned a very enjoyable, long anime series (Blood+), which has spawned a second series, this time in collaboration with CLAMP and so was named Blood-C.  Since I really enjoyed Blood+ and have a long-standing love of CLAMP, I had really high expectations from this show.  I will say right up front that overall, I was disappointed, but not so terribly that I hated it.  I still enjoyed watching the show, though I found it problematic and had a lot of bleh moments.

First, the premise is similar to all the other Blood titles.  The main character, always named Saya, is a dark-haired school girl whose eyes turn red when she goes all vampire-esque powerful, who spends the show violently and often grotesquely killing with a sword the monsters who attack her and other humans. In this particular version, she is a cute and Pollyanna shrine maiden (CLAMP sure does like them) who spends most of her time enjoying the company of friends at her school, the two love interests vying for her affections, breakfast at a cafe across the street from the shrine, and after school violently hunting and killing “the old ones” who eat people.

The animation was interesting and well done, backgrounds and movement clearly have good production values, with typical contemporary CLAMP character designs (so the proportions are a little odd and lanky, and the coloring dark and flat, similar to xxxHolic), and the sheer number of bleep-bars over grotesque visuals were noteworthy in this show.  Nothing as awesome as Gantz, mind you, but gory nonetheless. I adore the opening song and visuals, though they’re a bit sexier and more powerful than the main character’s personality and actions can really account for in the show itself.  The episode ending is dull, but the song alright.

The plot reminds me A LOT of M. Night Shyamalan movies, where the writer clearly has a twist in mind that they’re trying to build up to, trying to create a foil between what things seem and what things are,  but exactly like Shyamalan sometimes it’s great (like in The Sixth Sense) but sometimes, it’s really bad, and gets old and bad fast (like The Happening and the Village). Blood-C isn’t quite as bad as The Happening, but it’s pretty down there. The directing is terrible.  Not in a shot-for-shot way (which is rather well done, actually). Someone needed to look at the storyboards for the big picture and say “hey, this is not a good progression. The tension is weak and predictable– the characterization is lacking and the episodes need more originality.”  So blame rests with the writers as well, sadly. They also use a cryptic voice-over and cuts to a dark room filled with Galileo thermometers to try and establish the intrigue and to foil Saya’s seemingly bright shiny everyday life, and to try and foreshadow the dramatic end, but they waaaaaay overused it and relied too heavily on it.  Also, cryptic, vague, musing voice-overs are not good storytelling, and get old fast.  They happen all the time, give us absolutely no information, are extremely repetitive, and frankly, I thought they made the show drag and felt heavy-handed.  Personally, I feel like it would have build up much more suspense if the viewer was in on the twist far sooner than the protagonist, because it seemed confusing and unbelievable the way it was all jam crammed in the end. There were vague hints that something was up, and that was interesting, but I think they could have done a much better job with a lot of things, overall.

Nifty thermometers + abstract voice overs /= good anime

Speaking of the end, it doesn’t.  The show leaves off on right after a CLAMP-tastic moment (it’s all fun and games until CLAMP…) that seemed like a bad knock-off of the tokyo arc of Tsubasa to me, and then the end is suppose to come in a movie to be released later.  Overall, the show seems like CLAMP recycled a lot of characters and plot points from their previous work and barfed them out, then some foolish executives/editors okayed them (though I will say I clapped and squeed when I realized the crossover, I was SO VERY excited).  I smelled Kobato remix straight off and did not like that. Alternately, CLAMP was  creatively stifled by the constraints of working within an existing genre, and it didn’t make for the lovely synthesis that I hoped for.

Anyway, speaking of Kobato, it’s similar in quality and plot progression were Kobato more gory than X. If you like CLAMP, you’ll enjoy Blood-C.  If you don’t have very strict plot demands, you’ll be able to enjoy blood-C.  If you’re interested in blood and gore and fighting chicks with swords, you’ll enjoy Blood-C.  If you just really like the Blood franchise, watch this.  If these things don’t apply to you, as I think will be the case with the majority of people, it probably isn’t worth your time to watch Blood-C. It’s one big lost opportunity, though I am looking forward to seeing the movie and the ending, though this time I have no hopes and so can’t be disappointed.