Review: Kuroshitsuji II

The show starts off with some impressive animation.  The opening sequence is lovely, though the first time I saw this show I was disappointed in the lack of Sebastian in the opening and so put off watching it.  But never fear! There are two openings that interchange, and the most common one is Sebastian filled.

The lovely animation continues in the first episode, which seems geared up to blow their budget to impress.  First, it introduces us to a new boy-master, Alois and his new butler, Claude. Right off the bat it is obvious that they are not copy-pasted versions of Sebastian and Ciel, since their personalities are radically different, as is their dynamic.  They are still interesting, since clearly Alois is not a good person, but rather twisted and a bit insane.  Whereas Ciel is arguable a perfectly fine person, if a bit cynical and ruthless.

One of the things I loved about Ciel and Sebastian’s dynamic was the utter trust Ciel had in Sebastian. Remember the last few episodes of the first series (if you haven’t watched it, DAMMIT WATCH THE FIRST SERIES BEFORE THINKING ABOUT WATCHING THE SECOND), his trust and faith in Sebastian, never opening his eyes?  Fantastic entertainment.  Delicious delicious character interaction.  That had the fan girl in mean drooling and squealing.  I really feel like without their wonderful interactions, Sebastien is nothing but an run-of-the-mill Mary Sue.  His pride, his pomp, his flashes of jealousy and possessiveness, all of these wonderful little details here and there that make him imperfect only come out in the context of Ciel. His limits are Ciel’s orders (a delicious plot point in this show, FYI). So I really feel like the entire allure of the show rides on the character interactions, specifically the master-butler/demon-prey one they’ve got going on.

And with much sparkly-eyed enthusiasm, I got to the point in the first episode where Sebastian shows up.  Interesting things ensued! (with a much smaller seeming animation budget, but not so bad it’s bothersome).  The second episode almost reverts to the earlier episodes of the first show, giving fans more Ciel and Sebastian.  I rejoiced. It’s pleasantly fluffy (though the applause is distracting to me).  The show continues exploring what’s up with Ciel, why he ain’t dead yet, and the new characters (who are a good deal of the plot).

So, if you loved the first, REJOICE!  There is more where that came from, everyone you loved in the first as well as introducing a new butler-master pair that provide the conflict.  Which! Is different but it has its good and bad points, and really, I think it will vary from person to person as to whether that is okay or not with them. Personally, I LOVED it, and prefer the ending of the second series that leaving it at where the first leaves off, though I am still left hankering for more. I don’t want to spoil it so I won’t, but really, there is a much more satisfying ending than, Mmmm, dinner! Now everything is over. And the second show has it. IF you watched the first, watch the second! If you haven’t watched the first, don’t if you’re easily squicked out by pedophile-tastic slashy boys, or if you aren’t in BL. If you are, this is a shining example of the genre that is insanely popular and making a fuckton of money for a reason — it’s entertaining!