What is this?

Hello! And welcome to my explanation.

I started this because I have never been able to find a place that talked about anime like I do with my friends, and I wanted a resource out there about what is and isn’t good from a perspective that cared about things like good representation, fanservice that isn’t gross and exploitative, and plot that appeals to more than just teenage boys (sometimes you just want to watch something else).

That said, I really do just like most anime, and watch a ton of it, and have been since I was small (and I’m old so yeah, I am talking about back in VHS tape trading days, and scoring what you could at Blockbuster and other rental stores). I am a disabled person, and so I spend a lot of time unwell and in bed, and anime has been an excellent source of entertainment. I get so excited to find a great one, or an improvement in the genres,and I want to share it! I want this to be a resource for people, a different opinion from the very similar reviewers out there.  I have a lot of education and enjoy thinking, so that’s what you’ll find here, in addition to information, pictures, and opinions on past and current anime. The frequency of posting is directly related to how much free time I have on my hands and how well/unwell I am, so it’s on an off, just FYI.

What kind of thinking beyond is this good or not? Ever stumbled across some new technology and thought of Major Kusanagi’s  badass spider robot buddies and been like, “Dude! Parallels between reality and fantasy! Awesome.” I do that. I also think a lot about the treatment of minorities in media, especially women, but also non-whites, non-westerners, non-straights, non-monogamous, neuroatypical, kinky, and classism issues.  And then I see shit happening in anime, or run across YET ANOTHER GODDAMNED WOMEN-LITERALLY-ARE-OBJECTS anime and cry a little on the outside and then feel the need to lament. (Like Sekirei. WHY DO I KEEP ENJOYING YOU WHEN I HATE YOU SO MUCH? UGH. Its so true.) I don’t have to have something like that come up in an anime to enjoy it, and I do enjoy a ton of really problematic things, but hey, we’re hopefully all adults here and know you can like something and it can have problems at the same time!

… I do like way too many literal-lady-object anime. Hand Maid May, I blame you!

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