Sacred Seven Makes My Realistic Brain Hurt

Yes.  so I know I have been pointing out how stories divulge from reality in the last few posts, but I promise that I won’t turn this blog into wailing about how fiction/=reality.  I know it isn’t true.

But sometimes, it’s so far removed it makes your brain hurt.  For example, Sacred Seven.

Now, this is a fluffy show.  The premise alone gives that away.  It is in no way meant to have more substance than a passing breeze of entertainment.  Anime News Network‘s summation of the story alludes to the cracktastic and arbitrary explanations it uses.

Seventeen years ago, several meteorites carrying seven types of alien crystals landed on Earth. Given the name of Sacred Seven, these crystals withhold the power to alter DNA and cause mutations.

So Mr. Protagonist is somehow imbued with these powers, making him a youma but also, a tiny really rich girl can take expensive gems and use CGI to change them into crystals and shove them into him, making him a good guy. Wonderfully, they make an allusion to the fact that consuming very high quality large gemstones for every henshin is prohibitively expensive in the show. A dose of realism this show needed.

But they also have HUGE monsters floating over the ocean.  And no one notices. No air defense scramble. No investigative radar probing. I mean, it isn’t like there are hundreds of radar stations constantly bouncing off clouds for weather monitoring.  And fight scenes that DESTROY PARTS OF THE CITY that don’t seem to make the news or land on people’s radar.  I mean, earthquakes are so common, maybe?  Big bright battles in the sky! That no one ever looks up to see. I mean, COME ON?  Really? I can’t manage to suspend my disbelief for that.

Though the biggest problem with this show is that it relies so heavily on established tropes that there is little else to it but unique proper nouns.  Though I will say, the nonsensical foolishness is great for a lighthearted WHAT THE HELL? ::crack up:: moments, so I just keep watching.  For example, Mr. Protagonist (Alma) suddenly realizes, of course he can fly!  He just needs to tell his body armor to do it and A MAGICAL SKATEBOARD WILL ZOOM HIM OFF. Ridiculousness!

Also, other shows running this season highlight this very issue and address it, only underscoring the foolishness of Sacred Seven.  Blood-C and Kamisama Dolls both have “OH SHIT! People are noticing the shit going down with our paranormal things!” plot points.